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Our History
Guangzhou youjia printing co.,ltd is a printing and packaging company integrating production and sales.Founded in 2004,after more than 10 years of development,it has become a leading enterprise in the fields of UV printing,electronic product packaging,cosmetic packaging,carton packaging ,bags,pvc plastic box ,gold and silver card color packaging,which give customers high quality and first-rate service.
Our Factory
For ten years, the company adhere to rely on high-tech developing capacity, after having five technical transformation, we imported a number of international advanced equipment like new Heidelberg CD 75-1 + LX five color + Glazing UV printing presses and Heidelberg CD102 four-color printing press, as well as automatic bronzing machine and automatic die-cutting such Rear supporting equipment, which formed a large-scale production capacity.
The company not only has the international printing equipment ahead of the world’s printing industry, more importantly, we also have a number of professional standards of the contingent of staff tracking services to meet the customers demand for small quantity and large quantity of printing orders, at the mean time, to achieve the optimal balance between product quality and competitive price.
Our Product
paper box,gift box, kraft paper box,rigid box ,corrugated box, paper bag,gold and silver card packaging,book shaped box ,drawer box.
Product Application
electronic product packaging,cosmetic packaging,jewelley packaging,industrial use.
Production Equipment
HeidelbergCD75-1+LX five color+Glazing UV printing machine, Heidelberg CD102 four-color printing press,laminating machine,Automatic  bonder,stamping machine
Production Market
Main Markets :Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Africa,Central America,Mid East,North America,Southeast Asia,Northern Europe,South America,Domestic Market
Our service
Before producing the product, we will help to carry out customers’ idea into perfect boxes and offer the proof. During producing the product, we will follow the order to guarantee the product quality. The good solution will be offered once the customers reflect the problem after sale.High End Magnetic Gift Boxes

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