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Deck oven
Introduction for deck oven:
1. The electric deck oven have microcomputer controller which can control baking time, and make the tempreture and humidity equal.
2. Table top oven is digital control panel, Glass baking chamber door, ss 304 electric heating pipe and ss 304 oven body.
3. Top and bottom heat for every deck can be controlled separately
4. Alert warning system upon cooing ends
5. Small commercial oven work with electric or gas.
6. The special installation of the electric heat pipe can make equal baking.
7. Bottom steel panel can change into stone
8. Imported heating component,imported digital temperature controolrt and imported
digital timer.
9. Suitable to be added with lava stone and steam system
10. Japan imported reticulation heating wire to provide uniform firepower.
Main parameter for deck oven:
ModelCapacityTray sizeVoltagePowerWeightDimension
Feature for deck oven:
1.High quality stainless steel, elegant appearance.
2.With infrared radiation electric heating method, it supplies even heating.
3.Automatic temperature control, the top and bottom fire are controlled independently, provide a best baking condition.
4.Overheating protection device can cut off the power supply when overtemperature, safe and reliable.
* Optional mechanical panels or digital panel.
* Optional steel plate or stone platepastry oven price

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