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0.1-3g Salt Packing Machine

Technical Parameter
Model DXD-KS2
Machine speed 50-85bags/minute
Inner bag size (L)30-100 mm  (W) 55-100 mm
Film Material Composite film/aluminum foil/paper-PE film/Tea-leaf filtering paper
Net weight 320KG
Bag type 4-side seals sachet to be cut single or 3-side seals sachet to be cut single
Voltage AC220-380V Single-phase 50HZ
Total Power 1.5KW
Measuring range 0.1-3grams
G.W 350KG
Control system Taiwan Delta PLC control system
Measuring mode Micron-cup filler
Paddy seed use counting method
Machine material Stainless Steel 304 (SS304)
Machine Dimension L600*W790*H2200mm
Full Features:
1)Be able to weight, make bag, fill, seal, cut off ,lot number, cut easy tearing notch  automatically.
2)To has color control system which can get the complete trade mark design
(Photo-electricity inspects spot of printing guarantee design of package in
good order and exact site).
3)No need to change the mold if you want to change the length of board,
just adjust the speed governor.)
4)The machine fix stepper motor controller, its advantage is precise, needless to adjust other  parts
5)Intelligent temperature control by temperature controller to make heat balance better. use  bilingual display screen control system and stainless steel cabinet
6)Fine packaging performance ,low noise ,clear sealing texture and strong sealing  performance
7)micro-volume cup measuring mode breaks measuring range of traditional cup filler, be able  to packing salt or pepper up to 0.1gram
8)Need to change new temperature controller, blade& sealing bar only after 18 months  continuous operation,2 shifts a day and other parts is still good and safe
9)Operation manual and warranty card will be delivered to the clients with machine

Package and Shipment
*Put the machine onto bottom iron support
*Bind foot stool with iron bar on the bottom support by iron wire tightly.
*Use PE film to Shrink the machine well
*Wrapped the wooden case with metal frame
*Pack the complete machine into container by forklift truck.
*Deliver them by sea or by air
*30sets/20 feet Container


Contact Us:
Sales Manager
Mobile: +86  134 8020  6889
Wechat: +86  134 8020  6889
Whatsapp: +86  134 8020  6889
E-mail:  winni@gz-sg.com
Skype: winizeng 3-side Sealing salt Packing Machine manufacturers

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