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★ Our History: We have 10 years history.
★ Our Factory: We have all kinds oc chandelier crystal parts factories.
★ Our Product: chandelier crystal parts and crystal beads.
★ Product Application: Crystals for chandeliers, decoration and jewelry.
★ Production Market: Mainly in Europe and North America.
★ Our Service: We have good quality and good service for all our customers.
We, Pammer crystal, are professional manufacturer of chandelier crystal parts, crystal drops, crystal beads and balls, color crystals, also we need to highlight that our strong point is crystal assembly, to conect the crystals as customers requirement.  we have fullfill many projects for many customers overseas, most of them are assembled crystals, we use metal clips, rings, or steel lines to connect the beads to make strands, strings and garlands, you can see various of crystal strings in our website.  actually customers can buy just loose crystals, but they need to assemble themselves, but we can provide assembly service to help customers save lots of labor cost. Welcome your inquiry, please feel free to email me at pammerli@yahoo.com,  hope that we can give you surprise!Crystal Beads

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