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Two-dimensional code variable code label
Product Description
The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit label is precisely because of its unique anti-counterfeiting pattern, beautiful and generous, but also contains a large number of information content, customers only need to pick up the mobile phone, it can be timely and convenient to query the production date, production, product information and other content.
Product Features
Uniqueness, low cost, one-time, etc
Product Application
The application is mainly in the field of advertising, anti-counterfeiting and tracing the source, specific application of the Internet, commodity anti-counterfeiting, food traceability, pat shopping, information navigation, mobile inspection, business card identification, information release and so on.
Product Sales / Usage
The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit label is a two-dimensional code of product information generated by the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit label system. It can be printed or labeled on the commodity package. After the consumer is purchased, the product can be decoded through the official website or the designated mobile software, which can verify the authenticity of the product and obtain detailed information.
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