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WINPLUS Full automatic F.R. foam coating machine is widely used in the F.R. beads coating industry.
All of the solenoid valves of the machine are controlled by PLC and driven by precious compressed air, thus the opening and closing of the butterfly valves and angle valves can be controlled preciously. In order to ensure the solenoid valves will not be jammed, the machine is equipped with air cleaning system, so the solenoid valves life will be lengthened as long as possible. But the filter in the cleaning system must be checked and changed timely. At the same time, the compressed air must be clean, the humidity must be low. The air compressor must be mounted in the place which is dry, low humidity, no dust. The air tank must be equipped with trap on the bottom. The air treatment system is also necessary in the air exit. We recommend the customer use rotary-screw air compressor. Correct use will let foam coating machine produce qualified products for de flame coating industries.
Mixing Vessel Are Polished Preciously So That
No Material Be Stick On The SerfaceDelivery
Mixing Shafts Are Coated With Special Teflon LayerAcid Vessels Are Made Of Qualified ss 304auto coating machine price

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