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Copper phosphorus brazing fin tube:
The use of phosphor copper brazing process, brass - copper welding firm, welding rate of 100%, no contact resistance heat transfer, can be used in high temperature conditions, the advantages of long-term use is not loose.
Application: Mainly used for vacuum furnace heat exchanger heat exchanger.
Root welded finned tube
Welding typeOperating temperature(℃)Welding rate(%)General applicationCharacteristic
Nickel brazing600100Heating furnace tube
Boiler convection tube
Refractory tubes for refining1.high welding rate, no contact resistance, good heat transfer performance.
2.welding parts smooth and smooth.
3.strong combination, resistance to vibration and shock.
4.can be welded with different materials.
5.Easy to shape.
Copper brazing550100Steam coil
Soldering200100Air coolerCustomized Vacuum Brazing

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