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Chemical name: N, N"-(4-methyl-1,3-phenylene)bis [N',N'- dimethylurea] 80% N, N''-(methyl-m-phenylene)bis [N', N'-dimethylurea] 20%
Synonym: mixed isomers of 80/20 Toluene Bis Dimethyl Urea; Dyhard UR500; TDI URON; Omicure U-410
CAS Number: 17526-94-2, 26604-41-1
Structure formula:
A highly active accelerator for thermosetting epoxy curing systems, while still with latency based on substituted urea , greatly promote highly blocked hardeners of DICY during epoxy curing process.
AppearanceWhite powder
AssayMin. 95%
Melting pointMin . 180鈩?/p>
Particle size 98.0%Max. 10 渭m
VolatilesMax. 1.0%
UR500 provides the most reactive acceleration to epoxy/dicyandiamide formulations:
鈽?Prepregs for composites e.g. wind power, automotive, marine engineering and aerospace industry
鈽?Encapsulation materials for electronic industry
鈽?Powder coatings for chemical-resistance
鈽?Reinforcements for car, ship industry
UR500 can be a sole curing agent for thermosetting epoxy formulation without dicyandiamide hardener:
鈽?Prepregs for composites with low enthalpy development
鈽?Laminates of thick layers
The highest reactivity among the whole series of UR urea accelerators
Latency of 2 months still can be obtained
More environmental friendly for our green earth
Ideal ability of using alone as a curing agent
Highly activity of UR500 makes a fast curing process even under the temperature low at 80掳C, while causes less effect on Tg. When controlling the percentage of adding of UR500, Shelf life still exceed 3 month. Mixed isomers maintaining functions bring the costs less expensive. No irritation &low toxicity help UR500 to in a popular and brighter prospect.
UR5001.0 phr3.0 phr8.0phr
Dicyandiamide Micronized6.5 phr6.5 phr
Liquid bisphenol-A-epoxy resin
(EEW 182 -192)100 phr100 phr100 phr
DSC 鈥揙nset [掳C]143138150
DSC 鈥揟g [掳C] 15014298
Gel time 140掳C [min] 4314
Shelf life (double viscosity) at 23掳C [days]706060
Result values may be varied based on different used resin matrix.
Fillers and other additives to formulation can also change properties.
Packing and storage
--10 or 15kg per Box锛宑arton锛宬raft bags, FIBC or customized
--Keep sealed in original package ,under a cool and dry condition ,avoid humidity. recommended storage period no exceeds 12 months.
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