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The multi-rake mechanical bar screen has a flat and therefore hydraulically advantageous bottom section that transitions into a steep conveying section. This combines the benefits of the well proven , reliable solids separation and high screenings discharge capacity, with a low headloss due to a big effective screen rake surface.
Device parameters:
The equipment specifications are divided into HF300-3600 according to the size of the machine. When the machine width exceeds 1800mm, it is made and connected. The gear gap is divided into various specifications such as 1mm, 3mm.5mm, 10mm, 20mm.30mm, 40mm, 50mm, etc. It is selected by the amount of water, the height of lifting, the total amount of solid-liquid separation and the shape and particle size of the separated substances. At the same time, different materials are selected, and the length of the equipment is customized according to the design channel size.

Product advantages:
1.Reliable, sturdy travelling screen
2.Very high screenings discharge capacity
3.Low headloss
4.Low installation height above ground level even in deep channels
5.Control-independent safety system

Typical application:
2.Sewage treatment
3.Dye work
4.Pulp and paper industry
5.Petroleum factoryChina Rotary Bar Screen

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